“I am very pleased to say that my experience of associating with V Care Charitable Trust has been excellent and I feel it is a privilege too. My appreciation for the excellent work V Care Charitable Trust is carrying out in uplifting the under privileged section of our society. By providing opportunities to needy Families. I am honoured to be a part of the organisation in a small way and shall try to remain so. My good wishes to V Care to continue reaching out to Needies who need them the most. keep up the good work.“

Mr. Balwinder Singh

“In the journey with V Care Charitable Trust has. I have actually seen desires been converted in to realty. It’s a great Privileged to be a Part of V Care Charitable Trust has, The Philanthropic work creates a great Influence on Society and Changing Minds of people for a brighter future . Hope you create MILESTONES ahead. Good Luck Vcare……. ”

Mr. Jasbir Singh

“It gives me immense pleasure to share my thoughts about V Care Charitable Trust. The idea to have a realistic NGO strike to me when I came across with brilliant child on a verge of  leaving studies due to lack of funds .Once I met with Team V Care and assist the child by supporting him with his college fees and the child was able to continue his Studies 

Mr. Jaswant Singh

“I’m fortunate to have been part of V Care Charitable Trust and really happy to see outstanding work done by them. It is a best way to stay connected with strangers. Everyone live their life for themselves, their family, friends and relatives but life is complete if we live for others too.”

Mr. Sumeet Thapar

” V Care Charitable Trust is one of the Prominent NGO in Mumbai and I am very proud to work with this Ngo with complete transparency, accountability for Health, Education & Livelihood Cases.

Mr.Harmeet Singh

“A NGO that truely works for the upliftment and betterment of society with its vision of working on Health ,Education and Livelihood for the better future of the country…….Great going…….wish you best of luck…….Team V Care”

Mr.kunal Bhatia

“V Care Charitable Trust is helping the Needy families for hospital treatment and child Education.also providing monthly groceries to the families . The members are very humble and down to earth .Always ready to listen to the problems of needy people,.  

Mrs. Aarti Rosey

“V Care Charitable Trust is Umbrella in rain, Blanket in winter and Ice in summer. V Care is a name that belongs to love, shelter and humanity.

Mrs. Avinash Kaur

“V Care Charitable Trust “Helped me and my family by providing medicines.

Mrs. Renu Sidhu

Kirat kar saying by Shri Guru Nanak Devji

These saying of Guruji are followed by the trust . They are really doing a good work .. The Commitee Members are continuously striving to do their best by helping people who really are in need …

Akal Purakh chardi kala Bakshan.

Mrs. Priti M

The trust who everytime helps us to grow, one of i found this when i was in difficulties they helped me alot
Thankyou so much for helping me & my family
Satnam waheguru 🙏

There is no doubt that the trust services are incredible.Regardless of the problem,the Trust is very helpfull to anyone.Trust helped me within hours and i will always be grateful to them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                S.Manjyot Singh

I am very  thankfull to Vcare charitable Trust for helpig me with my financial situation fot my childrens fees .Thankyou for your support.

Mrs.Harneet Kaur Narula